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An exercise in discrimination at Harvard
By Michael Graham   |   Tuesday, March 4, 2008  |  |  Op-Ed
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What can a 19-year-old guy in jogging shorts do at Harvard that a rich Saudi sheik who sponsors terrorism can’t?

Get banned from the building.

Six times a week, Harvard kicks all the guys out of the Quadrangle Recreational Athletic Center at the request of the Harvard Islamic Society. This is to accommodate those female Muslim students whose faith won’t let them work out in front of men.

In the old days, Harvard would have laughed if some Catholic or evangelical mother urged “girls-only” campus workouts in the name of modesty. Today, Harvard happily implements Sharia swim times in the name of Mohammed.

At Harvard, that’s called progress.

When I asked Harvard spokesman Bob Mitchell about this new Sharia-friendly policy, he denied that they were banning anyone. “No, no,” he told me, “we’re permitting women to work out in an environment that accommodates their religion.”

By banning all men from the facility, right?

“It’s not ‘banning,’ ” he insisted. “We’re allowing, we’re accommodating people.”

The Harvard story, broken by the intrepid staff at Boston University’s Daily Free Press, is sadly par for the liberal campus course. U-Cal Berkeley is working on a joint program with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, which practices religious and sexual discrimination. The Archbishop (and arch-liberal) of Canterbury has called for Britain to accommodate Sharia law.

But despite stiff competition, when it comes to “allowing” anti-Semitism and the promotion of terrorist violence, the over-achievers at Harvard still stand out.

When John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt were looking for a place to publish their “beware the Jewish lobby” propaganda, they found willing partners at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

And who invited former Iranian president Mohammed Khatemi to speak on the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9/11? Who else? Not only is he a lifelong member of the murderous Khomeini regime, but Khatemi helped create and develop Hezbollah.

There are institutes of over-the-road trucking and schools of straight chiropractic that wouldn’t have allowed him on campus. But at Harvard, he’s an honored guest.

And then there’s that ultimate FOH (Friend of Harvard) Sheik Al Waleed bin Talal.

This Saudi sheik stroked a check for $20 million to promote the study of Islam. Harvard took the check, no questions asked.

They didn’t ask, for example, about bin Talal’s gift of nearly $30 million to a fund for the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Knowing their kin will benefit financially is an inducement to young people planning to blow themselves up in Tel Aviv pizza parlors, and Sheik bin Talal made sure the money was there.

Nor did they ask about the TV company bin Talal owns, where the watchdog group MEMRI has tracked broadcasts of everything from open calls for martyrdom by children to lessons on the proper methods of wife-beating.

For a campus with a Sharia-friendly record like Harvard’s, mandating single-sex pilates is no big deal.

It would be nice to think that there were still a few liberals or feminists with the good sense - or sense of decency - to be embarrassed by all this. This is, after all, the same college that sued to keep military recruiters off campus over the issue of gay rights.

Perhaps someone in the bin Talal Islamic Studies Program could let Harvard know what the sheik’s pals in Saudi Arabia actually do to gay people. It’s worse than just banning them from the weight room.

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Очень интересное видео с еще более интересными выводами.
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Посмотрел я вот только что наконец-то нового Рэмбо со старым Сталоне. Старичек конечно зажигает будь здоров. Особенно концовочка - 50мм да с холмика. Просто прелесть. Фильм отличный.

А отличный он тем что его просто должны взять на вооружение в клинической психиатрии и в обязательном порядке показывать каждому кто хоть один раз во всеуслышанье сказал что он(а) "прогрессивный либерал" или любоее другое сочетание этих слов. Будь то Новодворская или Gloria Steinem которая вчера заявила "I'm just glad that Hillary Clinton wasn't trained to kill people." Это словестный понос в сторону McCain. Да и разное другое типа "killing people is a qualification for ruling people?"

Кто не знает Steinem великая феминистка Америки этак еще с 60ых где она до сих пор и "живет". Это ж надо умудриться одновременно кричать что везде засилие сексизма который уже даже рассизм переплюнул и устраивать ралли "Women for Hillary" а не там например "People for Hillary" или "Americans for Hillary". Сама выделяет и сама ж и жалуеться.

Тьфу как пративно. Автомат в руки и на передовую... эээх где ж штрафбаты когда нужно. А еще лутче пояс шахида и куда нить в пустыню Невады.
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In January 2008, Berkeley, California's, city council passed by a vote of 8 to 1 a measure calling for that city to tell the United States Marine Corps that its downtown recruiting station was not welcome and that "if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome guests."

Further, the council voted to give a permit for six months' exclusive use of a parking spot in front of that recruiting station to Code Pink, a peace group opposed to the war in Iraq. Said permit bestows use of the parking space for four hours one afternoon each week. Code Pink was additionally given a sound permit to cover those four weekly hours to better facilitate its weekly protest.

The council also called upon its citizenry to non-violently "impede, passively or actively" the work of the recruiters. Last, it resolved to ask the city attorney to look
into possible violations of the Berkeley municipal code regarding sexual discrimination by the Marines.

Various folks have taken umbrage at the council's actions. Berkeley has drawn its share of criticism, both from pro-war and pro-military people. It has been widely pilloried in the press, and has had its web site swamped by the flood of incoming messages.

Subsequently, two Berkeley city council members now want the city to rescind its declaration that the U.S. Marines' recruiting center is not welcome in Berkeley. They propose publicly declaring that Berkeley opposes the war in Iraq but supports the troops. However, they have not asked that the three other council decisions affecting the Marines be rescinded (i.e., Code Pink's free weekly parking space and sound permit, calling on residents to impede the work of any military recruiting station in the city, and asking the city attorney to investigate whether the Marines violate city laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation) .

On 6 February 2008, six Republican senators introduced companion bills called the Semper Fi Act of 2008. Said act seeks to strip Berkeley of $2.3 million earmarked for it in the 2008 Omnibus Appropriations bill (for school lunches, Bay ferry service, disability organizations, UC Berkeley, and public safety) and give it to the Marine Corps. Similarly, California Assemblyman Guy Houston has announced he will introduce legislation that will strip Berkeley of its transportation funding until it rescinds its anti-military resolution, a move that could cost Berkeley $2.3 million in state funding over the next two years.


Ну уж совсем эти либералисты охренели


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Израильские, хм, академические круги отжигают порой ничуть не менее бодро, чем инквизиция во времена Джордано Бруно. Например, приза преподавателей Еврейского Университета удостоилось любопытное исследование, посвященное массовым изнасилованиям израильскими солдатами палестинских девушек. То есть, если точнее, исследование посвящено отсутствию вышеупомянутых изнасилований и влиянию сего факта на имидж Израиля на международной арене.

Предисловие документа, написанного соискательницей докторской степени, некой Таль Ницан, гордо заявляет, что "отсутствие организованных военных изнасилований является альтернативным методом достижения политических целей". Дальше госпожа Ницан развививает эту животрепещущую тему: "В Израильско-Палестинском конфликте можно рассматривать отсутствие военных изнасилований как средство укрепления этнических различий и укрепление барьера различий между народами".

Далее без-пяти-минут-доктор теоретизирует на тему, что изнасилования не происходят, поскольку имел место процесс обесчеловечивания арабских девушек и женщин в глазах израильских солдат и прочих оккупантов. Также, значительная часть исследования посвящена гипотезе о том, что в природе имеет место быть тайный заговор, запрещающий израильским солдатам надругаться над своими подопечными - поскольку родившиеся в результате дети будут относиться к арабской нации, влияя на демографическую ситуацию неподходящим для Израиля образом.
С другой стороны, лично мне кажется более вероятной теория, что данный документ, скорее, является продуктом деятельности медицинского факультета - например, студентам могло быть интересно, как влияет резкое лишение галоперидола на чересчур сложных пациентов.

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Что общего между партиями Авода и МЕРЕЦ, израильской и иностранной прессой, процессом Осло, ликвидацией форпостов в Иудее и Самарии, разделительным забором и "парадом гордости" гомосексуалистов?
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Написано о левых некрофилах Израиля, но возьми и переложи эти мысли на другие страны Европы будет такой же безумный результат.

Книгу "Война идеалов" Моше Фейглина, из которой взята эта цитата, можно прочесть здесь.

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