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2017-08-02 04:16 pm

Youtube 1984

 And it has begun...

Early intervention and expanding counter-extremism work: We’ve started rolling out features from Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to YouTube. When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages.
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2017-03-23 02:09 pm

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Молодой мигрант на приёме у окулиста:
- Доктор, почему-то во время секса у меня всегда так сильно щиплет в глазах.
- Это от газового баллончика.
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2017-03-13 04:41 pm

Something funny came out of SNL

I'm wondering how concious they are how this skit actually looks

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2017-03-10 12:17 pm

The power of 4chan

Some people have too much time on their hands but still funny as hell.

Shia LaBeouf keeps getting trolled by Trump fans ... even when he tries keeping the protest covert.

Shia -- whose "He Will Not Divide Us" stream in Albuquerque, NM was taken down after shots were fired a block away from the protest -- moved his demonstration to a mystery location.

Problem is ... Trump fans thwarted Shia's plan after somehow pinpointing the location -- we still don't know where -- and replaced the flag with a Trump shirt and hat.

Trolls 2, Shia 0.

Video of flag being taken down:

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2017-03-09 08:56 pm

Monty Python's The life of Brian

That's 1979... Sounds like a campus discussion in 2016

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2017-02-19 10:33 am

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2017-02-14 10:09 am


Originally posted by [ profile] roman_n at post
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2017-02-12 10:41 am

Never Go Full Retard

"Hi! I'm California state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. Please arrest me for accessory after the fact."

A Los Angeles lawmaker leading the fight to make California a so-called “sanctuary state” has suggested half of his family would be deported for using falsified Social Security cards and other fake identification.

Responding to President Trump’s suggestion of “withholding federal funding” from California, California Senate Leader Kevin de Leon said: “Half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the executive order, because they got a false social security card, they got a false identification, they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB 60, they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification.”

“That’s what you need to survive, to work,” he added. “They are eligible for massive deportation.”


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2017-01-28 04:19 pm

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анекдот: чем отличается Трамп от еврейского либерала? - У Трампа внуки евреи.

joke: What's the difference between Trump and a liberal jew? - Trumps' grandkids are jewish.

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2017-01-24 04:46 pm

The face on the poor barista...

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2017-01-23 01:55 pm

If you study, you get a job. But if you get a job, you'll have no time to protest.

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2017-01-20 03:50 pm

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2017-01-18 11:26 am

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Хиллари и Трамп зашли в кондитерскую. Хиллари шепчет Трампу: - Смотри, смотри - и потихоньку от продавца прячет в карман три печеньки. Трамп возмущенно отвечает: - Хиллари, что ты делаешь?! Это же воровство! Учись у меня... Подходит к продавцу и говорит: - Дай мне печеньку и я покажу тебе фокус. Продавец даёт, Трамп съедает печеньку и говорит: - Дай ещё одну. Съедает вторую,а потом и третью. Продавец: - Ну, и где фокус?
Трамп: - Проверь карманы у Хиллари!

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2017-01-14 04:44 pm

Diesel Emissions Cheating, Regulation, and the Crony State

Source: Coyote Blog

One of my favorite correspondents, also the proprietor of the Finem Respice blog, sent me a note today about my article the other day about cheating on diesel emissions regulations.   The note covers a lot of ground but is well worth reading to understand the crony-regulatory state.  They begin by quoting me (yes, as I repeat so often, I understand that "they" is not grammatically correct here but we don't have a gender-neutral third person pronoun and so I use "they" and "their" as substitutes, until the SJW's start making me use ze or whatever.)

"My thinking was that the Cat, Cummins, and VW cheating incidents all demonstrated that automakers had hit a wall on diesel emissions compliance -- the regulations had gone beyond what automakers could comply with and still provide consumers with an acceptable level of performance."

Exactly. More importantly, the regulators KNEW it. I was researching energy shorts and had a ton of discussions with former regulatory types in the U.S. I was stunned to discover that there was widespread acknowledgement on the regulatory side that many regulations were impossible to comply with and so "compliance trump cards" were built into the system.

For instance, in Illinois you get favorable treatment as a potential government contractor if you "comply" with all sorts of insane progressive policy strictures. "Woman or minority owned business" or "small business owner", as an example. Even a small advantage in the contracting process for (for example) the State of Illinois puts you over the edge. Competitors without (for instance) the Woman or Minority Owned Business certification would have to underbid a certified applicant by 10-15% (it's all a complex points system) to just break even. It got so bad so quickly that the regs were revised to permit a de minimis ownership (1%). Of course, several regulatory lawyers quickly made a business out of offering minority or women equity "owners" who would take 1% for a fee (just absorb how backwards it is to be paying a fee to have a 1% equity partner) with very restrictive shareholder agreements. Then it became obvious that you'd get points for the "women" and "minority" categories BOTH if you had a black woman as a proxy 1% "owner." There was one woman who was a 1% owner of 320 firms.

Some of my favorites include environmental building requirements tied to government contract approval. The LEED certification is such a joke. There are a ton of "real" categories, like motion detecting lights, solar / thermal filtering windows, CO2 neutral engineering. But if you can't get enough of that, you can also squeeze in with points for "environmental education". For instance, a display in the lobby discussing the three solar panels on the roof, or with a pretty diagram of the building's heat pump system. You can end up getting a platinum LEED certification and still have the highest energy consumption density in the city of Chicago, as it turns out.

U.S. automakers have been just as bad. There's been a fuel computer "test mode" for emissions testing in every GM car since... whenever. Also, often the makers have gotten away with "fleet standards" where the MPG / emissions criteria are spread across the "fleet." Guess how powerful / "efficient" the cars that get sent to Hertz or Avis are.

Like so many other things in the crony capitalist / crudely protectionist United States, (e.g. banking prosecutions) foreign firms will get crucified for industry-wide practices.

Gee, I wonder if state-ownership of GM has been a factor in sudden acceleration / emissions prosecutions?

BTW, I wrote about the silliness of LEED certification here, among other places, after my local Bank of America branch got LEED certified, scoring many of their points by putting EV-only spaces (without a charger) in the fron of the building.  In a different post, I made this comparison:

I am not religious but am fascinated by the comparisons at times between religion and environmentalism.  Here is the LEED process applied to religion:

  • 1 point:  Buy indulgence for $25

  • 1 point:  Say 10 Our Fathers

  • 1 point:  Light candle in church

  • 3 points:  Behave well all the time, act charitably, never lie, etc.

It takes 3 points to get to heaven.  Which path do you chose?